Uncompromisingly Accurated Training Data at scale and On Time
The Dodeed AI combines human-in-the-loop at scale with cutting edge tools to creating high-quality training datasets for machine learning and AI initiatives at competitive advantage.

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Dodeed AI solutions

LiDAR Annotation

Build better-annotated image datasets for Computer Vision with the help of our expert annotators.

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Image Annotation

Build better-annotated image datasets for Computer Vision with the help of our expert annotators.

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Video Annotation

Feed your AI model with high-quality video annotated data at scale and on time.

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Text/NLP Annotation

Improve your models by most likely labeled data

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Data Curation and Sorting

Train your ML models faster and more efficiently with us

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Accelarate your AI model development

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Our strength

We're a fully managed data platform designed for companies looking to solve the most demanding AI challenges enabling smarter, faster, and better results by saving cost.


Uncompromising quality assurance process of human aided cross-checks and AI-amplified validation.


We know that how important factor of data in AI applications. We never share your data to others.

Cost Friendly

Quality is our main strength, alongside we're committed, you will get the best affordable price from us.


It doesn't matter how big your dataset volume. We have a numerous a nnotation expert that can manage your data with highest accuracy on time.

Industries we served are follows

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Transportation & Navigation

Power your transportation and navigation solutions with the highest quality training data and accelerate ML developments

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Retail & E-commerce

Boost your Retail and E-commerce offerings with top-notch training data to quicken AI progress.

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Robotics & Manufacturing

Help your customers reduce costs 5X times with the best data annotation services for AI solutions in robotics and manufacturing

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Security & Surveillance

Enhance your Security and Surveillance offerings with superior training data to expedite AI advancements.

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S. Ragavan ML Engineer

Thanks to Dodeed AI's work, the client achieved an accuracy of 97% in automating foundation layout. They were incredibly professional and communicative throughout this engagement. Dodeed AI delivered high-quality work in a timely manner.

Raphael Lopez Co-Founder

Dodeed AI completed the project with excellent quality and results and matched the client's requirements. They submitted ahead of the timeframe and passed all quality checks. Dodeed, an efficient team, provided professional services while maintaining responsiveness.

Farhan Yousuf Co-founder

Dodeed AI did the task well & completed all milestones in a timely manner, they also redid all data where changes were required. I recommend the Dodeed AI for high quality training data.

Art J. J. Computer Vision Engineer

This was a short but quite complicated project, and they did an excellent job delivering it sooner than expected. Also they're very responsive on follow up requests to deploy and testing the project. Overall, the work process went smooth and we got exactly what we initially asked for."

Omour R. AI Researcher

It was nice to work with the Dodeed AI team. We source them for an annotation service to label document figures for NLP applications. The communication with the team was good and they learned quickly the complexity of projects. It took a couple of iterations and revisions before finishing the work. Their quality is top of the notch for the final delivery.

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About Us

An objective business model to assist AI development to create a better life and impact society.

The Dodeed AI platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting edge tools to creating quality labeled datasets for machine learning and AI initiatives. With our numerous skilled people, We provide best annotation and data processing service for local and global clients.

Alongside the best annotation services, we impact on society to create jobs for people who are unemployed and looking for opportunities.

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