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Robotics data annotation

Highest Quality Training Data For Robotics and Manufacturing AI solutions

In fourth industrial revolution, the use of robots is increasing rapidly in various industries. From home appliances to agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare fields require perfect computing robots, and for that need high-quality train data. So that the robots perceive, navigate, and calculate accurately to bring out the best outcome. At Dodeed AI, we provide the best-quality training data for businesses and industries to train their machine-learning algorithms for a variety of robotics applications.

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Training Data for Robotics and Manufacturing

Build Intelligent Robots by best-quality of training data

Assemble and QC annotation Assemble and QC annotation

Assemble and Quality Control

Inventory management data annotation Inventory data annotation

Inventory Management

Predictive maintainance data annotation Predictive data annotation

Predictive Maintainance

Health care data annotation in healthcare Healthcare data annotation

Robotics in health

Agricultural data annotation in robotics robotics data labeling

Robotics in Agriculture

Robotics in delivery

Robotics in delivery


Uncompromising quality assurance process of human aided cross-checks and AI-amplified validation to achieve at least 98% quality annotations.

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For a trial and process to any pilot project; paired with an expert team that scales with you on demand.


We know that how sensitive factor of data in AI applications. From virtual to our physical space, security and trust are prime to everything we do.

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Quality is our main strength, alongside we're committed, you will get the best affordable price from us.

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