Geospatial and Drone Imaginary

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Geospatial data annotation is critical for the development of computer vision and video recognition systems and is crucial for the training of machine learning algorithms in various industries such as satellite imagery, security, and aerospace & defense, etc. We at Dodeed AI end-to-end data labeling services paired with full-time data annotation experts deliver high-quality, error-free, human-labeled, and cost-effective geospatial training data.

Satellite Imagery Dataset


  • Agriculture: find how much land is devoted to each crop, how healthy the plants are, and how quickly they are growing.
  • Smart Cities: to recognize the man made structures like houses, huts and buildings for urban management and smart city
  • Disaster Management: real-time monitoring the condition of roads, buildings, ports, and more after disaster happend

Infrared Imagery


  • Active thermography for non-destructive material testing
  • Monitoring large geologic properties for changes aerial thermography
  • Quality checks on every electrical system, motor assemblies and window heating elements in automotive.

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Drone Imagery


  • Smart Farming: to evaluate field conditions, soil moisture, identify crop disease, predict weather and crop yields.
  • Smart Cities: autonomous deliveries, natural disaster control and monitoring, crowd management, etc
  • Manufacturing: dynamic and real-time data of guiding, automating, IoT-driven inspections to build a robust data repository for long-term analysis.
  • And more..

Aerospace & Defense


  • Extracting valuable and confidential intelligence from various sources and connected equipment like radars, cyberspace, patrol aircraft, automatic identification systems, etc
  • Determining the target range of missiles, performing trajectory analysis for kill zones, provide launch time and simulation to assist in the qualifying missile
  • Thermal effects on onboard electronics

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