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Power your Security and Surveillance solutions with the highest quality training data and accelerate ML developments.

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Security and Surveilance data annotation

Highest Quality Training Data For Security and Surveillance AI solutions

Developing security and surveillance AI technologies heavily relies on machine learning to achieve the best outcome and outdo the competitors. The computer vision system of all robotics and manufacturing solutions has to be trained and tuned with a large amount of structured, annotated & labeled data. We at Dodeed AI end-to-end data labeling services paired with full-time data annotation experts deliver high-quality, error-free, human-labeled, and cost-effective AI training data for security and surveillance technologies.

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Build smart security system by accurate data

Quality of training data can detect any irregular activites

Drone Surveilance Drone Surveilance

Drone Survialance

Crowd Monitoring Crowd Monitoring

Crowd Monitoring

Night Vision Night Vision

Night Vision

Person Search Person Search

Person Search

Video Tracking Video Tracking

Video Tracking

Weapon and Theft Detection Weapon and Theft Detection

Weapon and Theft Detection


Uncompromising quality assurance process of human aided cross-checks and AI-amplified validation to achieve at least 98% quality annotations.

Fully Scalable

For a trial and process to any pilot project; paired with an expert team that scales with you on demand.


We know that how sensitive factor of data in AI applications. From virtual to our physical space, security and trust are prime to everything we do.

Cost Effective

Quality is our main strength, alongside we're committed, you will get the best affordable price from us.

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