Video annotation
Video Annotation

Label and categorize objects, movements, and events within videos to make them useful for machine learning and AI by Dodeed AI.

Video data annotation is critical for the development of computer vision and video recognition systems and is crucial for the training of machine learning algorithms in various industries such as entertainment, security, and autonomous vehicles. We at Dodeed AI end-to-end data labeling services paired with full-time data annotation experts deliver high-quality, error-free, human-labeled, and cost-effective video training data.

Object tracking

Object Tracking

Video tracking is the task of tracking a moving object in a video.

  • Tracking vehicles in Automotive
  • Consumer's behavior analysis in retail
  • Person tracking in security and survilance
  • Products in warehouse and logistic
  • Instruments in robotics
  • Livestock tracking in Agriculture
  • and more..


In computer vision, polygon annotation is very often used in object detection and recognition models due to its pixel-perfect labeling capability.

  • Detect irregular shapes like pedestrians or bikes in a street scene
  • Getting precise building footprints
  • Detect irregular shapes of products in manufacturing
  • Monitoring the growth of plants in Agriculture
  • Outlining the anatomy of internal organs on CT scans in Healthcare
  • and more..

Polygon annotation
LiDAR annotation

3D Cloud Point/LiDAR Annotation

3D point cloud annotation allows you to visualize an object for more detailed detection in order to get the dimension exactly correct.

  • Helps autonomous cars perform and understand the environment that is around them.
  • To elevation maps of the farmland and other maps that describe the stretch of land in Agriculture industry.
  • Detecting gestures and poses of consumers for VR and AR applications in retail
  • Detecting anomalies on 3D scans of products
  • and more..

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Pose estimation

Pose Estimation

Human Pose Estimation is a way of identifying and classifying the joints in the human body, especially a way to capture a set of coordinates for each joint (arm, head, torso, etc).

  • Human activity and movement analysis for personal trainer application.
  • Players tracking and movement analysis in Sports and Gaming
  • Detection of facial features and movements: lips, eyes, nose, cheeks, etc for any particular AI application

Lane Detection/Polyline

Polyline, Spline and Simple Line annotation is drawn on the road helping the autonomous vehicles drive at right path.

  • Can assist driving technology in better perceiving the actual road, vehicle location, and obstacle information.
  • Detect fatigue behaviors, and alarm road risks in real-time, achieving the goals such as auto-driving and automatic parking.
Lane Detection

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