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The Dodeed platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting edge tools to creating quality labeled datasets for machine learning and AI initiatives. With our numerous skilled people, We provide best annotation and data processing service for local and global clients.

What we do?

  • Image Annotation

    Bounding box, Polygons, Cuboid;

    Lines & splines;

    2D,3D objects

  • Audio Annotation

    Moving objects,

    Object tracking

  • Video Annotation

    B Box, semantic segmentation, Polygons, Cuboid;

    Object tracking, Broken into frames;

    Points of acations

  • Text/NLP Annotations

    Classification & validation,

    Sentiment and intent analysis,

    Key phrases tagging,

    OCR transcription

  • Data Collection

    We provide data collection & Preprocessing services to build AI model at scale. Our well-trained workforce collects your large volumes of high-quality data to best suit your specific needs for your AI applications.

  • Data Augmentation

    The better data, the better results. We ensure

    at a scale of a large volume of data by using

    the data augmentation process. Our skillful

    dedicated team always ready to assist you.

  • Data Pre-processing

    Concern with ambiguous, unrelated, unwanted data

    for your AI projects? We're always concerned about

    your concern. We provide data pre-processing

    using different modern tools and techniques

    in a short time.

Why us?

Professional Annotators

We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly skilled workforce. We don’t crowdsource or freelance.

Quality Assurance

Uncompromising quality assurance process of human aided cross-checks and AI-amplified validation.

On time delivery

A large pool of trained workforce to answer the most demanding requests instantaneously.

Data Security

We know that how important factor of data in AI applications. We never share your data to others.

Cost friendly

Quality is our main strength, alongside we're committed, you will get the best affordable price from us.


AI in industries has the potential to revolutionize the production experience by reducing workloads for staff, aiding loss prevention and improving the customer experience. Dodeed’s experienced managers and innovative annotation platform can ensure that AI in industries solutions reach their full potential.

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